Short to Medium-term goals

  • Missing Higher Order Corrections Uncertainties (MHOU)
    • Implementation of scale variation at NLO
    • Determination of the contribution to the covariance matrix due to MHOU estimated with scale variation
    • Fit with the MHOU uncertainty included in  the covariance matrix
    • Fit with scale variation in the theory
    • Comparison of:
      • NNLO-NLO shift
      • shift due to scale variation in the fit
      • increase of PDF uncertainties due to MHOU included in covariance matrix
  • Nuclear & deuterium corrections:
    • Fit with one ore more models
    • Implementation in the covariance matrix as for MHOU
    • Fit with extra nuclear uncertainty
  • Full computation for all processes in fit of NLO EW and PI
  • Inclusion in the covariance matrix of further uncertainties in the NNLO QCD computation:
    • N3LO terms due to the use of K-factors
    • Uncertainties on NNLO corrections due to numerical instabilities, estimated by refitting


Medium to Long-term goals

  • Implementation of scale variation at NNLO
  • Alternative ways of estimating MHOU, including constrained partial dataset fitting
  • Approximate N3LO PDFs