NNPDF code

The NNPDF software framework is released under an open source licence and is accompanied by extensive documentation and examples. The code base is composed by a PDF fitting package, tools to handle experimental data and to efficiently compare it to theoretical predictions, and a versatile analysis framework.

Paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2109.02671

The code is publicly available from its GitHub repository

An extensive, continuously updated, online documentation is in

The installation of the software packages that compose the NNPDF fitting code can be done via the binary packages provided by the conda interface:

PDF sets

The open source NNPDF code is available from the release of NNPDF4.0 onwards.

The run cards required for producing the main NNPDF4.0 fits are stored under

Representative training reports corresponding to the NNPDF4.0 analysis are in

Interface for older NNPDF sets

A standalone code for older NNPDF C++ and Fortran applications is available from:

the NNPDF stand-alone C++/Fortran driver