The figure above displays the kinematic coverage of the latest NNPDF dataset in the (x,Q^2) plane. The dataset is described at length in Sect. 2 of this paper and covers the following processes and experiments.

  • Fixed-target neutral-current deep-inelastic scattering (NC DIS): NMC, SLAC and BCDMS.
  • Fixed-target charged-current deep-inelastic scattering (CC DIS): CHORUS, NuTeV and NOMAD.
  • Collider neutral- and charged-current DIS: HERA.
  • Fixed-target Drell-Yan (DY): E866 (NuSea), E605 and E906 (SeaQuest).
  • Collider gauge boson production: CDF, D0, ATLAS, CMS, LHCb.
  • Collider gauge boson production with jets: ATLAS, CMS.
  • Z boson transverse momentum production: ATLAS, CMS.
  • Single-inclusive jet and dijet production: ATLAS, CMS.
  • Direct photon production: ATLAS.
  • Top-quark pair production: ATLAS, CMS.
  • Single top-quark production: ATLAS, CMS.

Kinematic cuts are applied to exclude data points for which higher-order QCD and electroweak or non-perturbative corrections in theoretical predictions are large in comparison to the experimental uncertainties.

The NNPDF dataset has been incrementally expanded as new measurements have become available. The growth in number of data points and in number of datasets is displayed, as a function of time for each NNPDF release, in the following figure. The Tevatron and LHC runs are also displayed for reference.